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Fandom: Megillah
Characters/Pairing: Esther/Ahashverosh
Rating: Mature (language)
Content Notes: no archive warnings apply
Length: 11:32
Performer Links: [personal profile] chestnut_filly
Author: [tumblr.com profile] swanjolras
Cover Artist: [personal profile] chestnut_filly
Summary: Esther is the motherfucking queen of Persia and also better than you. Get ready to Megillah like it's 5776.

Reccer Notes: This podfic is entirely hilarious and I adore it beyond reason. If I had to pick my favorite moment, right at this exact moment I'd have to choose the bit where she voices "¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡", but yesterday it was ".... not fine" and the day before it was "I have never pictured this banquet before, but y'know, life is a rich tapestry" and the day was any other one of the hilarious, amazingly sharp lines. <3

Fanwork Link(s): on amplficathon's DW
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Fandom: Hockey RPF
Characters/Pairing: Eric Staal/Jeff Skinner
Rating: explicit
Content Notes: no archive warnings apply
Length: 9:02:57
Performer Links: isweedan
Author: doctor_denmark
Cover Artist:
Summary: When Canadian figure skater Jeff Skinner wrecked his knee, he never could have imagined that he'd end up helping pay his way through college as a live-in babysitter for Eric Staal's three-year-old son, Joey.

Reccer Notes: This is one of myt favorite podfics for long car or airplane rides. The story is lovely, but more importantly, isweedan has excellent pacing and diction, and you (ok, *I*) fall in love with Jeff instantly, and then in love with Eric and Joey right along with Jeff. isweedan's affection for the characters really shines through the whole thing and it's really lovely to listen to <3

Fanwork Link(s): on AO3
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Fandom: MCU
Characters/Pairing: Darcy & Avengers, Darcy/Steve
Rating: teen and up
Content Notes: no archive warnings apply
Length: 59:12
Performer Links: shmaylor
Author: sevenfoxes
Summary: Seven times the Avengers' weapons have liked Darcy better (and one time the Avenger liked her even more).

Reccer Notes: Shmaylor does a really nice job with everyone's voice, but most especially Darcy. The way she reads Darcy's snarky asides brings both the character and the story to life, and the whole thing is just really fun. Her complete disgust at Bucky and Steve talking about Twilight gives me liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife :D

Fanwork Link(s): on AO3
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Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Welcome to Nightvale
Characters/Pairing: Jasper Sitwell/Jemma Simmons, background Clint/Coulson
Rating: general audiences
Content Notes: creator chose not to warn (crack, homophobic language, hydra, general nightvale weirdness)
Length: 2:40:01
Performer Links: daroos (ably assisted by artzbots, blackglass, girlwithabubblegun, kalakirya, opalsong, reena_jenkins, and sabinelagrande)
Author: pagination
Cover Artist: reena_jenkins
Summary: The thing is, when an agent reaches clearance level five, it’s because they’re valuable, capable of something an exponentially diminishing few can offer in the ranks of SHIELD. Clint Barton, his personal issues notwithstanding, is unstoppable behind a scope. Jim Woo is an analyst and extractor par excellence. Melinda May has infiltrated half the presidential offices of Asia, and Phil Coulson has an instinct for the unusual that could be the basis of an entire TV show.

Jasper’s less certain what he brings to the party

Reccer Notes: ok, so yes, I'm in this, but the fact that I love it has relationship to anything else about it. Though there are a bunch of podficcers credited, it's really daroos' baby: she voiced Sitwell and did all the production, while everyone else does guest voices on individual characters. The overall effect is very NIghtvale-y, which in my opinion balances the MCU-focus of the plot and characters very nicely. The guest voices are quite good, but Daroos' Sitwell is excellent, and give the character a lot more depth than he got in the MCU itself - even if that depth comes by way of a mismatched dick and Formless Seed of Evil. It makes sense in context.
Unless you particularly avoid music in podfic, I recommend the music version - the music adds an amazing dimension to the whole thing; my favorite is In the Hall of the Mountain King, which is one of my favorite uses of music in podfic of all time :D

Fanwork Link(s): on AO3
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Dear ITPE-er!

HI!!! I'm so excited that you're participating in ITPE!


Do tell! What are your #ITPE feelings?

  1. aI genuinely love podfic. It’s a medium and community that works really well for me on a number of levels.

    1. Corollary: you are making podfic within some of my favorite fandoms, with the intent of making me happy. I’ll love it, I promise.

  2. I really love this challenge, and would like other people to enjoy it as well. Especially you!

    1. Corollary: it’s set during a very busy time of year. This is meant to be a low-stress challenge. Please don’t get too worked up on my account. I’ll love it, I promise.

  3. I’m generally pretty easy to please, and try to be clear about where those limits are. They’re there, but they’re usually fairly easily avoided.

    1. Corollary: unless you’re actually deliberately trying to mess with me, I’ll love it, I promise.

    2. Corollary: guidance is helpful.

      1. Secondary corollary: with the exception of the squicks and triggers, these are guidelines, nor rules. Feel free to play fast and loose with them if you think the situation demands it :D


Okay, so what are your general fannish, genre and canon feelings?

At the moment, my rule of thumb is that my tolerance for angst and violence in fandom goes as deep as the canon does. So for Spartacus, anything up to and included truly ridiculous amounts of gore is gonna be fine, but in White Collar, anything worse than, say, moderate and non-fatal mayhem won’t be great; similarly, body horror in Rivers of London would be fine, but not in Leverage. Likewise, Fast and the Furious isn’t particularly angsty, so I’m not a great fan of Brian being emo, but Miles Vorkosigan is a fabulously angsty muffin, so I’m onboard with him and his crew wallowing in their feelings.


On the other hand, my tolerance for fluff exceeds cavity-inducing levels with no regard for canon. Should you decide that what I need in my life is Dom and Mia Toretto sibling-bonding over fluffy bunnies, I encourage you to embrace that thought thoroughly.

             Note the first: though some of these canons (Spartacus, Vorkosigan, Young Wizards) feature major character death, I’d argue very strongly that all of them are hopeful/redemptory. So while major character death (and non-canonical rape and excessive violence) isn’t (aren’t) a deal breaker, a non-happy ending kinda is.

Story-wise, stories set in canon are fine. AUs, be they human, animal, or sentient dinnerware, are fine by me. Fusions and so on are fine, but please don’t fuse with a canon that you don’t know I’m familiar with and like (e.g. No Hannibal fusions. Ask analise010 or reenajenkins if you need help on this one.) I adore secondary characters and learning more about them and their background and their story and how they fit into and feel about the main story. I adore day-in-the-life and humor and geekiness and happy flailing.

Format wise, I’m very easy to please. If you find a fic you think I’d like, go for it. If you find a chatlog, headcanon, interview, poem, squee, meta, or whatever, that you think I’ll like, go for it.


I need more detail: what are your fandom- and pairing- specific feelings?


I'm here for the found family feels. Actually, I'm in a lot of places for found family feels, but this fandom is so great for that! movies only please. I adore everyone in this boyband. I am happy to ship everyone in this boyband, including all the poly. Have at it.

Sidenote: things that I am not currently interested in that feature heavily in some parts of fandom include Tony’s Mommy&Daddy Issues, Bruce’s (and Tony’s) feelings of inadequacy, Pepper-bashing


I’m mostly here for the OT3 and gen. I love Sophie, but Nate and his issues annoy me.

White Collar

ditto on the OT3. As far as I'm concerned the canon here ends sometime around S3: Diana is back (but Lauren can stay!), Sara is excellent, El and Peter are rock-solid, and there are no clouds on the horizon. Fandom seems to agree with me on many of these, so I shouldn’t think you’ll have much trouble, should you decide to go in this direction. This is a great fandom for h/c, should you decide to go that way, though please give me my happy ending J


I have many many feelings about everyone: Miles, Cordelia, Aral, Ekaterin, Gregor, Simon, Elena, Kareen, Alys, Ivan, Taura, Tej, Laisa, Ethan, Bothari, Elli, Dono, Jole… Everyone. They are my darlings. All of them should have everything they deserve, with everything that entails.

Mark’s Black Gang are a bit tricky for me, so that really the one element I’d rather you steered clear of. Several excellent fics in this fandom feature historical Barrayaran OFCs and I encourage you not to discount them.

Rivers of London

I do love this fandom, but the things I love in it are complicated. For the sake of ease, I'll say that I'd prefer nothing higher than a PG-13 rating for Peter/Thomas, though shippy stuff is fine. Beverly and her extended family are great.s Abigail is great. Lesley is great. Molly is great.

Fast and the Furious

All the found family forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Dom/Brian is excellent, Mia/Brian is excellent, poly is fine and excellent, though I’d rather it was non-incestuous, please. This is another good fandom for h/c.

Avatar: the last Airbender, Legend of Korra

My darlings! I adore these kiddos. Have at it.

Note: I’d rather not have sexy shenanigans about underaged characters. Once Korra and Asami, for instance, are both 18, have at it.


LADIES. also agron/nasir. but mostly ladies. ladies ladies ladies.

Almost Human

Dorian and Kennex are lovely and deserve all the good things. Including each other. But also cuddles. I just want them to be happy.

Young Wizards

Tiny fandom of my heartface. I love them so much. So much. So so so much. All of them. Everyone. In every time and place.


XENA/GABRIELLE 4EVA. That is all. (gen is also good :D)


I do need to know your squicks and triggers…

no-escape situations (either real or metaphorical – eg backed into a corner, despair, suicidal ideation, variations on "you have nowhere (else) to go", "no one will believe you")

dub- or non-con

misunderstandings/miscommunication as a plot device

mental health care professionals who suck at their jobs

chase scenes (Fast and the Furious gets an exception, but no one else does)

more-than-canonical gore (see first paragraph under “general feelings”)

major character death that isn’t happy/redemptory (see note under first paragraph of “general feelings”)


What if I have questions that you didn’t answer here?

Then you can ask on this post anonymously, or ask analise010 or reenajenkins, who have a pretty good handle on my likes and dislikes :D

Have fun <3




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Fandom: Rivers of London & Good Omens
Characters/Pairing: Peter & Nightingale, Aziraphale/Crowley
Rating: teen and up
Content Notes: none
Length: 00:34:26
Performer Links: [archiveofourown.org profile] SisterofWar
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] miztorge
Summary: In which Inspector Thomas Nightingale pursues stolen books on magic, Aziraphale presides over a book sale, Constable Peter Grant tries to do his job, and Crowley values his domestic tranquillity.

Reccer Notes: SisterOfWar does such an amazing job with the voices here! Aziraphale slight santimonious edge when he talks about helping the police during "some murders in Whitechapel," Peter being both fascinated by magic and so very tired with the minutiae of policework, Crowley intimidating Peter and doing quite a good job, actually, it's just all really, really well done, and one of my favorite small-fandom podfics <333

Fanwork Link(s): on AO3
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Title: Looking Forward
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] so_shhy
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairings: sid/geno
Rating: mature
Summary: There was a kid in Geno's yard.
content notes: none
Length: 1:52:48
text at AO3

direct download/stream (103MB) OR download as a podbook (80MB)

(thank you paraka <3)

cover by me!

for themusecalliope, who did a hero's work on And Never Been Kissed <333
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Fandom: Sense8
Characters/Pairing: Sun & Kala
Rating: general audiences
Content Notes: major character death
Length: 0:13:08
Performer Links: hananobira and bienenalster
Author: pax
Cover Artist: (?)
Summary: Sun’s dad kinda sucked. Kala loans her a better one.

Reccer Notes: this podfic was made as part of this year's pod_together, and it's a great example of a good idea executed well. Hananobira and Bienenalster each take a pov, Kala and Sun respectively, and the narration and dialogue switches between them aurally much as the show does visually. The switches between the voices are well done and flow naturally, probably in part because, as a pod_together project, the podficcers and the writer worked together to craft a story that would work aurally as well as on the page - and, imo, in does.

Fanwork Link(s): at ao3
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Fandom: Star Wars (Prequels Trilogy)
Characters/Pairing: Qui-Gon[&|/]Obi-Wan (reccer note: the story and series are marked Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, but this story occupies, imo, the gray space between gen and slash best described as pre-slash, and if you go in expecting slash, you may be disappointed in that regard. hopefully not others! but that regard, at least)
Rating: Teen and Up
Content Notes: none
Length: 5:41:27
Performer Links: rippleeffect aka chibi_tenshi08
Author: flamethrower
Cover Artist: (flamethrower?)
Summary: A simple injury during what should have been a routine mission brings shocking changes to the lives of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and may alter the future of the Jedi Order.

Reccer Notes: I really like this podfic you guys. Rippleeffect has excellent diction and pacing, does a really good job differentiating the many voices, and their narration fits very well with the tone of the story. The story is quite long but they did an excellent job throughout, and it's one of my favorite stories for very long trips. 

note: this is the first part in a VERY EPIC series, but in my opinion it ends on a very satisfactory note and stands alone well, so I'm comfortable reccing it as its own podfic. 

Fanwork Link(s): at the AO3
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Fandom: Young Wizards
Characters/Pairing: [personal profile] bienenalster
Rating: general audience
Content Notes: spoilers for Wizards at War
Length: 1:08:56
Performer Links: asda
Author: [personal profile] aria
Summary: "Ronan," the Lone Power said softly. "Didn't He leave you out? You gave your life, and He abandoned you. What good are you without Him?"

Reccer Notes: I love bienenalster's narration, which has that lovely slightly dreamy wonder-at-the-world quality that comes through in both the canon and this story. Their Ronan voice is similarly well done and hits all the complicated emotional beats of the story, and the podfic is just really nicely done <3

Fanwork Link(s): on podfic_bingo
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Title: truth to tell
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] halwen
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Critical Role
Pairings: Kima/Allura
Rating: gen
Summary: Truth to tell, Kima hasn’t thought of Allura in days.
content notes: set during episode 14
Length: 3:37
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (3.5MB) or direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

Title: private things private
Pairings: Kima/Allura
Rating: gen
Summary: Allura likes to keep her private things private.
content notes: none
Length: 2:40
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (2.7MB) or direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

Title: thankful
Pairings: none
Rating: gen
Summary: In the underdark, Kima is thankful to Vox Machina. She doesn’t want to be.
content notes: set around episode 7-ish
Length: 3:37
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (5.1MB) or direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

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Title: And Never Been Kissed
Authors: [archiveofourown.org profile] thehoyden and [archiveofourown.org profile] twentysomething
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairings: Sid/Geno
Rating: explicit
Summary: Sid didn’t introduce himself in the hallway, and he certainly doesn’t assume that people know who he is. So it would only be polite to thank Malkin again, this time more personally.
He could write him a letter. An email? No, a letter.

Warnings: none
text at AO3

OK, so there are a number of ways to listen to this story. Click through for details, downloading and streaming

If you'd like to download final version the way I prefer it (with music and lots of chapter covers), that's here as an mp3 (982MB) or here as an audiobook (480MB) (both 17:55:30)

if you've been downloading as I post OR would prefer a music-free version, downloads and streams are here

if you'd like to listen to the chapters individually, scroll down

Chapter One
Warnings: none
Length: 2:13:37
download/stream as an mp3 (123MB)

Chapter Two
Warnings: none
Length: 3:24:17

download/stream as an mp3 (187MB)

Chapter Three
Warnings: none
Length: 3:31:11

download/stream as an mp3 (196MB)

Chapter Four
Warnings: none
Length: 3:31:46

download/stream as an mp3 (194MB)

Chapter Five
Warnings: none 
Length: 3:31:46

download/stream as an mp3 (96MB)

Chapter Six
Warnings: none 
Length: 3:31:46

download/stream as an mp3 (189MB)

(note: themusecalliope pointed out that I mispronounced "Wilkes-Barre", which can be pronounced a number of ways, but not the way I actually said it XD it turned out to be too difficult to do a pick-up for that bit, though, and given that it was still clear what I meant to say, I left it in. But let it be known that that's my mistake, not themusecalliope's, who is wonderful in all ways <3<3<3)

pennyplainknits is also podficcing this story! her version is here
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notes and links 

  • m4b - an audiobook format; apple products know to treat them as audiobooks and not songs. can be chaptered.
  • chapter and verse - an audiobook making program (iTunes will do m4bs for you, so this is mostly a Windows ppl thing)
  • Audacity - audio editing software for windows
  • Garageband - audio editing software for mac
  • Hindenberg - professional audio editing software
  • podfic_love - podfic rec comm
  • podfic-tips - podfic tutorial and tips comm
  • blanket permission - prevents you from having to request permission. fanlore has a list here. fire_juggler maintains fandom-specific lists here.
  • audiofic.jinjurly.com - the audiofic archive
  • amplificathon - a DW and LJ comm where podfic gets posted. if you post here, unless you opt out, it will be archived in the audioarchive automatically. Also an annual challenge designed to increase podficcing in small fandoms; FAQ for that here 
  • pod_together - a challenge that matches writers and podficcers for a new collaborative work
  • podfic_bingo - a way of stretching your podfic muscles (signups close at the end of august!)
  • podfic big bang - multi-fandom 10K challenge
  • epic podfic big bang - for those who don't get out of bed for less than 75K (hosted on the same com as PBB)
  • #ITPE - the holiday podfic exchange, stands for International Twitter Podfic Exchange (you do need twitter for this)
  • multipod - a podfic with multiple voices
  • re-pod - a podfic of a story that has already been podficced
  • accents - a thing that you should not allow to prevent you from podficcing
  • 10K = 1 hour - a rough approximation of how many words translates to how much podfic
  • podficmeta - the podfic-discussion comm zvi mentioned
  • auralphonic - the podcast about podfic
  • collaborativepodfic - a DW comm for finding ppl to do multivoiced podfic with


things I meant to mention but didn't:

  • the "podfic welcome" and "blanket permission" tags on AO3 are good ways to draw podficcers' attention and/or find stuff to podfic
  • we love non-english podfic too! you get extra points on amplifcathon and much love from the multi-lingual!
  • you don't have to do covers, but some people like to! I use GIMP, a free photoshop clone. Windows users may need a special program to add covers to mp3s; I use mediamonkey 
  • awesome ladies podfic anthology - anthologies of podfic about ladies of <1K. an excellent way to get your feet wet.
  • WAGFAPE - the Women And Genderqueers First Podfic Exchange, where you sign up to make podfic that don't focus on cismen
  • forvo sometimes has useful pronunciation guides. sometimes. use your judgement.
  • ditto dictionary.com
  • the word "gasps" is an evil unto this world that should be forever shunned
things other people mentioned
  • [personal profile] ambyr is wonderful and has added say how, a pronunciation guide for famous and semi-famous names, and the ABC book, for corporate brand name

I can be reached here, on LJ under this name, on twitter under this name, or on tumblr under podficcerbynight
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Title: each according to their nature
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] sixthlight
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Rivers of London
Pairings: none
Rating: gen
Summary: “What kind?” Nightingale asked, like that was any sort of reasonable question when wings.
content notes: none
Length: 00:31:39
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (29.1MB) or as a podbook (22.5MB)

direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me, from a photo by bernard dupont


Jul. 10th, 2016 10:23 pm
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Title: Velvet
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] tofsla
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Sailor moon
Pairings: Michiru/Haruka
Rating: mature
Summary: Learning to be both Michiru and Sailor Neptune is a process. Backstory.
content notes: Haruka gets misgendered
Length: 1:25:20
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (78.2MB) or as a podbook (60.7MB)

direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

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Title: Come Away to the Water
Author: [personal profile] leobrat | [archiveofourown.org profile] leobrat
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Spartacus
Pairings: Crixus/Naevia, Agron/Nasir, Melitta/Oenomaus, Barca/Pietros
Rating: Mature
Summary: Come away, little lass, come away to the water. Away from the light you always knew. We are calling to you... Naevia was born, and then lived her whole life.
Content Notes: graphic depictions of violence, major character death, rape/non-con
Length: 03:26:11
text at AO3
music Come Away to the Water cover by Dasha & Nicole

direct downloads: mp3 (188MB) | m4b (114MB)

streaming and chapter direct downloads

chapter one (00:45:55, 42.1MB)

chapter two (00:52:50, 48.4MB)

chapter three (00:54:01, 49.5MB)

chapter four (00:42:40, 39.1MB)

podficcer's notes (00:10:44, 9.88MB)

cover by me!

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Today I was thinking about how and why I get attached to certain characters so intensely. For the most part I fall into fandoms easily, and fall out of them nearly as easily. I don’t leave fandoms much – Sherlock and Teen Wolf are the exceptions to the rule – but there was a hot minute where I read a lot of Dresden Files, and another for Dorian/the Iron Bull, and original Man from UNCLE, and Man from UNCLE (2015), and Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar, and Bilbo/Thorin, and NCIS, and Eagle of the Ninth, and Sentinel, and Labyrinth, and Inception, and Star Wars of all flavors. I occasionally still dip into those fandoms, and don’t consider myself to have left them, but I certainly don’t go back to them day after day after day for years. Hockey rpf – Sid/Geno, if I’m honest – I have gone back to daily for nearly two years. And that’s kinda weird. I haven’t even done that for Gabriel from Supernatural, who is otherwise my longest-lived fannish touchstone. I was thinking about it, and realized that though Sid/Geno as a pairing sticks with me for a few reasons, it was mostly that I got really, really attached to Sidney Crosby, both as a fannish rpf character, and as a character in hockey media. And that’s kinda weird for me, to be honest.
I care about Sid for a very specific reason, because he, as a character, came into my life at a very specific time. Just when I was getting into hockey rpf and was looking around for a new shiny, a number of things came together and I realized that I may be on the spectrum. Family stories, of infant!me screaming if I was picked up by anyone other than my parents, of delayed developmental stages, of child!me adapting very poorly to change, memories of being told off for toe-walking, of endless conversations where I knew I was missing some conclusion that came easily to people around me, of practicing maintaining eye contact, of sensory issues ad naeuseum, added up to a conclusion that I still haven't had checked out by a medical doctor*. In some ways, I don't want to know. At this point I’ve practiced and worked out coping mechanisms and work-arounds. It’s who I am. But the fact that society doesn’t like that very much continues to be hard to deal with. I stick out, in a lot of ways, and some days that’s really hard. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to not stick out, not be so weird, not be so awkward, not be so strange. 


But I look at Sidney Crosby, notoriously superstitious and awkward, and I see someone with problems like mine. Someone who gets very nervous in large empty rooms – Sid's stall is often on the end, next to a wall (if there is one - the Pens' circular locker room makes me profoundly uneasy). Someone who isn’t very comfortable touching new people – in photos with fans, he usually has his hands in his pockets. Someone who doesn’t like new clothes – Sid’s famous for wearing the same gear until it literally falls off of him; I hate clothes shopping for many reasons, but one is that new clothing is upsetting to wear because it aggravates my sensory issues. His media appearances are characterized as being amazingly practiced and bland, and I hear that and think about how I practice and plan responses in conversations because I can’t trust that my tongue won’t trip me up. I hate public speaking but have done enough of it that I can do it well when necessary. When I knew my thesis defense was coming up, I practiced my talk two or three times a day for two weeks. For the first week I was so upset that those two or three hours of talking would leave me shaking and teary for hours and completely blow out my voice for the entire day, but after two weeks I had it down. I was told that I passed with flying colors. I like spending time with kids for several reasons, but they don’t mind when I talk an extra minute to parse something, or get enthusiastic about something, or miss a social cue. Before a recent interview he did with rookie goalie Matt Murray, Sid switched their name placards so that he was sitting on the left. A lot of people put this down to superstition, and maybe that’s all of it. But I have places I prefer to sit, and I get nervous and twitchy if I get moved around. I’m getting better at dealing with it, as I get older and have better coping mechanisms. But if I were about to go into a media conference? If I’m excited and keyed up and that energy could be good and push me to great things but could also push me off the precarious edge of good humor and into upset and depression? If I’m sitting next to a rookie who won’t know how to support me the way a veteran might but also won’t give me shit if I switch our seats? If I’m known for being a bit weird and this won’t really add to it? You’re damn right I’d switch seats and give myself a bit more of an even footing. My routines are important and change is very hard and very upsetting.


There could be any number of reasons for why Sid is the way he is and does the things he does, and they may be nothing like mine. A lot of people have quirks and ways that they like and don’t like doing things. That’s not my point though. A lot of people don’t like Sid because he’s “girly” or “a whiner” or “weird” or too good at what he does. I see someone who gets shit because of other people’s misogyny. Who sticks up for his teammates and doesn’t cooperate as much with the machismo and tough-guy-attitude of organized sports. Who has ticks and issues like mine and prioritizes his comfort and happiness over other people’s reactions. Who is one of the best players of his generation anyway.


I still feel weird about rpf. I’m uncomfortable with the way the media intrudes on players’ private lives, with the way fandom fetishes certain things and ignores others. I want these people to have lives out of the spotlight. And fandom does have non-rpf characters who are weird in similar ways: Benton Fraser and Rodney McKay come to mind right off the bat, but fandom is filled with them; we do like our misfits. But ultimately, they are fictional, all their ticks and preferences and hang-ups are the product of someone's imagination, and while that's better than nothing, it does put the ticks and preferences and hang-ups on a similar level to, say, wings, or lycanthropy. So the parallel to my experiences falls apart, a bit. Not entirely, but a bit.

I still feel weird about rpf, but there is a person - Sidney Crosby - who actually does do those things. Things like I do things. He has a media persona that fandom has crafted into an rpf character, but he does actually do those things. So while my engagement with hockey is nearly entirely fannish, my interest in Sid isn't, really. Rather, I’m appreciative of the public persona Sid has adopted, which is awkward, and a bit bland, and full of weird personal quirks like switching seats with another player before a press conference for no apparent reason. But I’m thankful for the things Sid does, publicly and without apology, because his example has helped me be more comfortable with myself and better advocate for myself. Sid’s had to deal with a lot of shit in his life. But he’s doing very well at the thing that he wants to be doing with his life. And he gives himself space for the things that make his life easier, even if society gives him shit for it.


I don’t know what I want to do with my life, and I’m not doing all that well at what I am doing. But I’m trying to be better at giving myself space for the things that will make my life easier, even if society gives me shit for it. If Sid can do it, I can do it. 

(Which is mostly a relatively long-winded way of saying that I'm not used to having real-life role models, and certainly not about this. But I'd already typed it all up before the phrase "role model" occurred to me, and I didn't want to waste it.)


*I'm aware that there's a lot more too it than that. There's a lot more from my end too, I'm just not comfortable giving out details of my medical and person history on the internet. Nor I am interested in talking about it. Please take it as given and move on.
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This post came out of a number of things, most notably the discussion around race in fandom this year. There's been a lot of meta on it, some of which I agree with, and some of which makes flames appear on the sides of my face. I don't want to get into the discussion: I like keeping my fannish activities non-rage-inducing. 

That said, a lot of what people were saying resonated. The ships and characters that fandom fixates on do tend to be very white. They also tend to be very male, and very m/m slash oriented. Which is not a thing I'm happy with.

In January I did an analysis of the shipping breakdowns of the podfic I'd produced the previous year, and the results were very disappointing: while I'd thought that I was doing a decent job of podficcing women and non-m/m stories, that wasn't borne out in the stats. I resolved to podfic more non-cis-male-centric stories, and so far I think I'm doing a decent job (that said, I haven't run the numbers yet, and I'd thought I was doing alright before!).

In January I didn't do a racial breakdown, though. Partly for time, partly because it's more complicated (more categories!), and partly because I had a pretty good idea I wouldn't be happy with the results. But that's a really, really terrible reason. So I did it anyway.

In order to get my numbers, I looked at the same set of podfics that I used for 2015's shipping and gender breakdown: all the completed podfics I posted in that year that I made solo. ("Completed" means that I left out "and never been kissed", which is a 160K white/white m/m slash story that I'm nearly done with which is going to kill my stats for this year.) I only counted the main characters (here defined as "when I think of the podfic who do I remember it being about") and used the canonical (or, lacking that, fannish) racial background of the characters (I had always thought that Nita and Dairine Callahan were Hispanic but apparently that is not canonically correct, so here they're counted as white). That produced this bar chart:

aaaaaaaand the main take away is damn that's very white. That is not what I wanted to be doing. That is just over 95% of my output. 

Another note on this chart: I've used American classifications of race and racial backgrounds. I'm American, and this is about my podfic, and my relationship to my podfic. If I were doing this a bit more scientifically, I would do it differently. But I'm not, and can only speak to my own perspective of my work. Also, I've been lead to understand that "latin@" is [one of the] preferred terminologies/spellings for the background of the characters in question - Mia Toretto and Letty Ortiz from the Fast and the Furious series - but I'm continuing to refine my understanding of who prefers what terms. 

For the purposes of curiosity, I broke it down by gender identity again. 

Soooooo when I do make podfic about non-white characters, it's almost invariably women. Which, while I'm not upset to have podficced more women than men, I don't like that all those columns are empty.

I'm not getting involved in the fannish discussions on race and society and social justice. I have my own, very strong, feelings on that, but I don't want to talk about them. I do want to spend more of my time creating fanworks that prioritize non-cis-male characters of color. 

I do want to add the tiny, tiny caveat that podfic, as a medium, is more limited than fanfic or fanart or many other fannish works. While we can create original fannish works, and I have, for the most part, we transform fanfiction, and therefore we are limited to the fanfiction that others choose to make. (Not!pods - "original fannish work" - weren't included in either of these breakdowns. I'm sorry to say that they mostly would have made my numbers worse anyway.) That's an explanation, but it is most certainly not an excuse. This year I've been more dedicatedly looking for stories to podfic that center non-white-cis-male characters, and while I've been a bit depressed by the results, I've also found some wonderful, lovely stories in fandoms I don't spend a lot of time in, about characters that I love but hadn't focused on as much. I'm not "eating my vegetables," I'm finding that an all-meat-and-potato diet was boring and not nutritious, while beets and brussel sprouts and beans and yams are fun and interesting and absolutely delicious. 
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Title: Fresh Poison Each Week
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] lady_ragnell
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Merlin
Pairings: Nimueh/Ygraine
Rating: Teen and up
Summary: The Old Religion does not accept Ygraine Pendragon's death.
Content Notes: this is a Groundhog Day AU of a very bad day. It comes with repeated character death through childbirth, suicide, and murder, as well as brief mentions of the murder of children
Length: 9 minutes 56 seconds
text at AO3

download as a podbook (7.08MB) OR direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

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Title: Five Wives Anthology
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ssstrychnine
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Pairings: the Angharad and Capable sections are Angharad/Capable
Rating: teen and up
Summary: backstories of the five wives
content notes: self-harm, implied rape/non-con
Length: 44:28
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (42.7MB) or as a podbook (26.5MB)

recorded as part of the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology VI

STREAMING AND DOWNLOAD FOR INDIVIDUAL STORIES all covers by me, many thanks for paraka for the streaming

Angharad (10:42, 9.82MB) (right-click to stream, left-click to download)

Capable (10:08, 9.31MB) (right-click to stream, left-click to download)

Toast (9:25, 8:65MB) (right-click to stream, left-click to download)

The Dag (7:45, 7.13MB) (right-click to stream, left-click to download)

Cheedo (8:38, 7.93MB) (right-click to stream, left-click to download)