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Awhile ago I was talking about doing some femslash and female-centric recs for pod-aware. The latter is still in process, I'm sorry to say, and I had wanted to write more recs than this, but I ran out of time :( So have some femslash recs for Teen Wolf, Merlin, and Avengers

the Shoemaker (read by jelazakazone, from a fic written by fleete) (Merlin, Freya/Gwen)
A historical magical AU in which Freya teaches tiny children how to magic and has a massive crush on the shoemaker's apprentice. She's not sure of the apprentice's gender, but that's beside the point.
(full disclosure: I beta'ed this podfic)
Jelazakazone's reading of this story is really clear, distinct, and consistent, and her affection for the story and the characters is evident. She does a really nice job with the different voices

All About Trajectory (read by dapatty, from a fic written by 51stcenturyfox) (Avengers, Darcy/Natasha)
Darcy has a crush on Natasha. But everyone thinks she has a crush on Clint. Damnit.
(full disclosure: this was an ITPE gift for me)
I'll be honest, I just have heart eyes all over this podfic. Dapatty's reading of Darcy's pov is entirely delightful and never fails to make me grin from ear to ear, it's just the right side of over-the-top drama that is so perfectly in character and such a great fit for this story.

Pulling on All Your Threads (read by knight_tracer, from a fic written by clio_jh) (Teen Wolf, Lydia/Erica)
A Project Runway AU in which Lydia is here to win, Erica is very flirty, and they make it work.
Knight_tracer's reading style works really well for this story; she does a great job with all the voices and their many (many many) emotional inflections, which are just as over-the-top and dramatic as one might expect from a Project Runway AU :)

If There Was a Me for You (read by exmanhater, from a fic written by false_alexis) (Avengers, Maria Hill/Natasha)
Soulbond AU. Natasha and Maria are soulmates. Unfortunately, Maria is a rising star at SHIELD and the Black Widow is a rogue assassin who needs to be taken off the playing field.
Exmanhater has a really lovely reading style that's easy and relaxing to listen to, and does a great job of conveying Maria's I-am-excellent-at-my-job-thank-you-very-much-why-no-I-am-not-having-emotions-ness, while, of course, making it clear that she is so torn and Natasha is being so difficult and unreadable and what does she want oh my god!

For Science! (read by sisi_rambles, from a fic written by meinterrupted) (Avengers, Jane/Darcy)
a tiny podficlet in which Darcy learns that Jane has missed an essential part of the college experience.
An adorable little thing that always makes my smile as soon as sisi_rambles reads the title. She distinguishes Jane and Darcy's voices well, and the whole thing is just a tiny package of super-cute and happiness <3

Strangers in a Strange Land (read by regonym, from a fic written by gyzym) (Avengers, Darcy/Sif)
In which Darcy realizes that it's probably less than wise to make fun of a drunk diety of legend
regonym's reading of this story is wonderfully dry and does a great job of conveying just how done Darcy is with Jane and Thor boinking, and then segues well into her having having eyes in her eyes over Sif <3_<3

#girlavengers (read by reena_jenkins and sisi_rambles, from a fic written by burritosong) (Avengers, Maria/Natasha)
Natasha trends on twitter, and accumulates a posse.
I love the way reena_jenkins and sisi_rambles split the voices for this - reena_jenkins reads most of the story, and sisi_rambles does the twitter bits, which makes really great parallels with the themes of cooperation and girlpower of the story, and makes the whole thing really come alive :D

HD 181068 (read by cantarina, from a fic written by saathi1013) (Avengers, Jane/Darcy/Thor)
First it's Jane/Darcy, then it's Jane/Thor and Darcy, and eventually they work around to Jane/Thor/Darcy
Cantarina does a really nice job with Darcy's pov :) she makes Darcy more mature than she's usually portrayed, which was a good choice for this story. One of my favorite parts of her reading, though, is flirty!Jane:when she says "I'll take that offer!" - it makes me grin every time :D

I started writing these before the reveals for the Women and Genderqueers First Podfic Exchange went live, so the many, many beautiful femslash podfics that were created through that sadly don't appear here :(

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From: [personal profile] anna_unfolding
Thank you for these recs!!!

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<3 <3 Thanks for the rec, bb. You should have also self-recced the Discoveries in Plastic one we did that alba17 wrote.