Nov. 17th, 2014

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Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Characters/Pairing: Abbie Mills & Ichabod Crane, gen
Rating: general audiences
Content Notes: none
Length: 12:15
Performer Links: [ profile] nickelmountain | [personal profile] nickelmountain 
Author: [ profile] samyazaz 
Cover Artist: nickelmountain
Summary: It doesn't take more than a moment's thought for Abbie to realize that she's going to have to bring Ichabod home. The man can't even figure out how to unlock a car door, a hotel is absolutely out of the question. He'd probably lock himself inside and then starve to death.

Reccer Notes: The way nickelmountain reads Abbie's pov fits really nicely with both the character we've come to know her on the show, and the author's interpretation of her. Nickelmountain's reading manages to be simultaneously full of affection for Ichabod, and also so, so done with the day and so, so tired; I just want to wrap her up and cook for her and make everything not her problem. Happily, Ichabod does one of the three, and the whole thing is just a really sweet slice-of-life that is really true to everyone's voices, both literally and metaphorically :D

Fanwork Link(s): on AO3
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Fandom: Avatar: The Last Air-Bender
Characters/Pairing: Zuko & Iroh
Rating: general audiences
Content Notes: features asexual!Zuko
Length: 11:11
Performer Links: [ profile] curiously_me | [ profile] sly_hostetter 
Author: [ profile] _rubber_chicken
Cover Artist: sly_hostetter
Summary: In which Zuko is working too hard (as usual), and his uncle corners him to talk about it.

Reccer Notes: I really love the way Sly reads Zuko's pov; Zuko and Iroh's affection for (and irritation with) each other really come through, as does Sly's affection for both of them. It's a short story that should pack a heavy emotional wallop (Iroh and Zuko sort of have a conversation about Zuko's asexuality), but to Iroh it's only an issue insofar as it's an issue for Zuko, and Sly reads Iroh in such a way that, like Zuko, I almost miss the implication of what he's saying, every single time. I've listened to it four times, in anticipation of writing this review, and every time the realization sort of steals over me, in much the same way as it does Zuko, and it's a really nice listener-and-Zuko mindmeld thing :)

Fanwork Link(s): on AO3