Jan. 8th, 2016

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I'm bored, and decided to do some quick analysis of the podfic I made in 2015.

This is just the podfic that only features my voice; I took part in several multi-voiced podfics and not!podfics. This post is mostly to reflect on where I chose to spend my resources this year, though, and as I didn't direct any of those podfics, or edit them, and several of them are reflective less of my preferences in fandom than of my preferences in friends (<3), they're omitted from this data.

First, and not super-usefully, here's my podfics by fandom

the blue columns are total minutes of podfic produced per fandom (measured on the left axis), the orange dots are the number of podfics produced per fandom (measured on the right axis). A few things really jump out: I made a lot of very short Avatar: the Last Airbender podfics, and a single but very long, podfic for the Hobbit (Children of the Lonely Mountain). I made several hockey RPF podfics, and together they're barely longer than CotLM (this is counting my WIP podfic of And Never Been Kissed though!). Person of Interest and the Vorkosigan saga get a paired category because I did a pair of podfics, a story and the sequel, that are a PoI/Vor fusion. the Vorkosigan saga then gets another column all on its lonesome for the ITPE podfic I made.

Here's that set of data as a table

fandom breakown ATLA hobbit hockey MCU OuaT PoI/Vor spartacus SPN star trek reboot WC YW sleepy hollow F&F Vor she-ra
total minutes 0.103389 8.037278 8.309639 5.124222 0.098778 2.071361 0.050639 5.031972 0.041444 0.010722 0.011028 0.007583 0.002056 1.001056 0.02425
podfic count 11 1 7 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1

Here's the same set of podfics, this time broken down by category

Aaaaand what this mostly shows is that even though I thought I was trying to podfic more femslash, I... didn't do much. My count wasn't bad! But the sheer amount of dudeslash is 62 times greater than that of femslash. Which. Um. I clearly something I need to work on. Because I want to spend more time with the women of my fandoms, and their relationships with each other, both sexual and non-sexual, and it looks like I haven't been doing that, really. So, that's my thing to work on in 2016.
(Though I haven't run the numbers on previous years, I do think that I made more femslash podfics than last year! They were just very short. Which isn't a bad thing! But it still means that in terms of the raw amount of time that I spent working on those projects, it was way way way less than I spent working on dudeslash projects, or gen projects. Though more than het projects, interestingly)

That said, of the 17 gen podfics, 10 are very clearly focused on a woman, and the 2 mf podfics focus on the woman in the relationship. The others, for the most part, feature at least one woman as a primary character in the fanwork. On the other hand, those are nearly all shortish podfics.

Sidenote: wow, I had no idea I'd podficced that much gen O.O

That second set of data as a table:

category gen mm mf ff
total hours 11.24075 18.44942 0.049194 0.186056
podfic count 17 13 2 5

ETA: this comes to nearly 30 hours of podfic, in case you're wondering (or I forget)