Jan. 10th, 2016

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I did a quick-and-dirty analysis of my 2015 podfic output, and realized that while I'd done one in 2013, 2014 was lacking. And I was curious. So here it is! My total was 33 podfics over 25 fandom which came to 38 hours 44 minutes and 11 seconds of podfic. Or so. I was really tired when I pulled these numbers together, and have since noticed that the by-fandom and by-category numbers don't match. But I'm not going to worry about that. The other possibility is that I made 31 podfics totalling 38:12:48. Close enough.

Again, these are just the podfics that I did alone. There were a whole bunch of co-pods and not!podfics, but that gets confusing, so they don't appear here).

Here's the podfic-by-fandom breakdown for 2014

The time is measured in 72 minute units, because that was what it did automatically and this is supposed to be a quick-and-dirty thing and figuring out how to change that doesn't fit with quick-and-dirty. The fact that the colors are reversed from the 2015 version is unintentional, but I decided it was cute. Otherwise it's the same set-up: length of all podfics in that fandom put end-to-end is in the orange columns, measured on the left (the gridlines line up with this axis), and the number of podfics made in the fandom is the blue dots, measured on the right. A few things pop out: I did a whole bunch of one-off podfics, one super-long hobbit podfic (Sons of Durin), a bunch of merlin podfics (which is interesting, because I don't remember having done that many!), and I guess those Fast and Furious podfics really added up!

Here's that information as a table

fandom 19th century civic allegory AtlA DCU DrWho ds9 F&F ff7 GotG hobbit hockey HP labyrinth leverage MCU merlin pacific rim PoI she ra sleepy hollow spartacus spn W13 west wing xena xmen
count 1 2 1 2 2 7 1 4 1 1 1 3 7 5 8 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 2 1 1
time 0:04:18 0:03:36 0:07:01 0:05:28 0:04:04 1:34:35 2:00:47 1:32:04 10:52:43 0:19:02 0:03:10 0:24:38 0:55:42 6:56:35 3:38:14 0:22:56 0:06:09 0:06:39 0:29:34 0:30:23 7:29:32 0:12:42 0:30:44 0:08:09 0:05:26

Now here's the category breakdown

Wow that's... not a lot of femslash. And quite a lot of gen! More gen than dudeslash, as a matter of fact, though only by 15 minutes and 11 seconds. The poly, incidentally, is a combination of Guardians of the Galaxy (MFMMG, where G is for Groot), Final Fantasy VII (MFMM), leverage (MMF) and MCU (ninesome! MFMFMMFMM). In 2015 I apparently didn't podfic anything with more-than-two romantic parings. Otoh, the first one I did in 2016 was Rey/Finn/Poe (which was a co-pod, so it won't appear in the 2016 analysis, but it's kinda cool anyway).

Here's the same information in a table

gen ff mf mm poly
17 6 5 21 12
13:59:54 0:36:36 1:32:59 13:44:43 8:18:36

One of the things that really pops out at me, in both the 2015 and 2014 analyses, is that I really don't do that much femslash. Which is kinda upsetting, because that's one of the things that I really try to make an effort to do. In 2014 I made 36 minutes of femslash in 5 podfics. In 2015 I made 11 minutes in 6 podfics. Whiiiiich is actually a kinda misleading comparison, because in 2014 I made 8 more hours of podfic overall. It makes more sense to say that in 2014, 0.16% of my podfic was femslash while in 2015, 0.62% of my podfic was femslash. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I didn't do that math wrong. That's less than one percent. (though actually in 2015 it works out so that my femslash output is just over 1% of my dudeslash output. It's 1.0085%, to be precise). I feel a little bet better when I'm reminded that of the 17 gen podfics in 2014, 13 focused on female or genderqueer characters (it was 10/19 in 2015), but that's still a very very far cry from doing more non-dude-slash, which is a thing I would like to do.

Also, to be honest, I sorta massaged the data? a bit? not really? ish? That nearly 11 hour hobbit podfic is, in my opinion, gen, and in my data it's listed as gen. But on Ao3 it's listed as Thorin/Bilbo. Which... eh... idk. They do kiss, but it's literally in the last line of the nearly 11 hours. And if it's a slow burn, it's so slow as to be entirely unnoticeable. But. I wanted the thorin/bilbo crowd to find it. So it's tagged. And if it's in the dudeslash category, my numbers get very very sad. So it's gen. but with an asterisk of Were I Some Sort of Official Something This Sort Of Thing Would Be Frowned Upon, But I'm Not, So Fuck It.

I need to be making more femslash, is the takeaway here. Bring on the Xena! (NO REALLY. GIMME ALL THE RECS. I"VE BEEN HAVING A HANKERING FOR SOME OLD SKOOL XENA/GABRIELLE)
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Day 09

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I blabbered here about how little femslash I podfic, and how that's disappointing. So now I'm making a goal for 2016 to improve my femslash-to-dudeslash ratio. Which has been getting better! My femslash-as-a-percentage-of-my-dudeslash more than doubled between 2014 and 2015! Which is to say that it went from 0.47% to 1.01%. I've clearly been kicking myself over this, because I want to be podficcing more femslash, on a theoretical level.

There were several hundred words here that can pretty much be summed up as "intense navel gazing". So I'll spare my future self and anyone reading this that effort, and just say that my goal for 2016 is to AT THE VERY LEAST WOW THIS IS SUCH A LOW BAR JESS YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS EASILY DON'T FUCK IT UP make the ratio of my femslash-to-dudeslash ratio 2%.

(I'm actually aiming for 10%, but I'm also not really holding myself to that. I try to aim high, but have a lower goal in case I do feel like shooting my foot off [see icon!])