Feb. 6th, 2016

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Dear WAGFAPE podficcer!


ok, fun stuff first:
any fandom I've ever participated in is fair game (full list on ao3), with the exception of rpf fandoms, with which I have a loving but complicated relationship.

That's a mildly daunting list, so to narrow it down/pick out characters of whom I'm particularly fond and who canonically fit this challenge (and a few whom I adore but haven't recorded for whatever reason) (list is in no particular order):

also ALL THE LADIES in avatar: the last airbender and the legend of korra
ALL THE LADIES in Sailor Moon (all incarnations thereof)
all the ladies in all parts of the MCU, with the exceptions of Daredevil and Jessica Jones
Root and Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)
Abbie and Jenny (Sleepy Hollow)
Cordelia, Alys, Ekaterin, Kareen, Bel, Dono (Vorkosigan 'verse)
Mako (Pacific Rim)
Kira, Jadzia, Ezri, Ziyal, Cassidy Yates (star trek ds9)
Mia, Letty, Elena (Fast and the Furious)
Xena, Gabrielle (Xena)
Cheri Littlebottom, Maladict(a), Polly, Lady Sybil, Susan, Angua (Discworld)
Rose, Martha, Donna, Ace, Sarah Jane, Zoe (Doctor Who, both old and New)
June, El, Diana, Sara (White Collar)
Naevia, Mira, Saxa, Sibyl, Laeta (Spartacus)

that having been said, I'm am 110% down with AU versions of any and all characters, most particularly of the genderqueered variety (I'm sorry to say that the list above contains very few canonically genderqueer characters - it's a thing I'm working on, but in the mean time, feel free to AU and headcanon it up).

unfun stuff (triggers and squicks):
no-escape situations (either literal - "I can't find a door" - or metaphorical - suicidal ideation, despair, "no one will believe you")
desperate chase situations (a car chase in Fast and the Furious is fine - running for one's life is not)
more-than-canonical gore (applies per canon, e.g.: massive amounts of gore are ok in spartacus but not in leverage)
dub-con, non-con
character death
misunderstandings/miscommunication as a plot device
bad therapists (e.g. Hannibal)

more fun stuff:
I'm a hardcore multishipper, love gen, and don't really have any NOTPs, so you're pretty safe no matter what direction you go in.
I love tropes, but if you're looking for a little guidance, some that I particularly love are: epistolary, funky formats (post-it notes, journal entries, computer code, dialogue-only, etc), AUs both mundane (coffee shop, college, etc) and otherwise (different era, magic, spaceships, etc), crossovers and fusions, a-day-in-the-life.