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Violent Amoral Unicorn of Justice Gets Knocked Up (read by podcath, chemm80, rhea314 and aphelant) (actually three stories - Taken by astolat, the Look you get by lazulisong, and Bun in the Oven by judgebunnie) (mpreg ahoy. also alpha/beta. and crack.)
I love this series of cracklets for a lot of the same reasons that I love repods, and podfic in general: it's really, really fun to hear how someone else interpreted a story. These little things, though, work in sequence rather than in parallel, and it's just really cool because each reader or set of readers is perfectly matched to the story they're doing - podcath is quietly calm with Taken and it's great because all through the sex scene you entirely forget the cracky premise because her reading is really hot and then rhea314 and chemm80 start in on the Look You Get and the two of them read it straight but with these little bits of insight into the sheer crackitude of the premise and you clue in a little more because John cares about sheets and then there's aphelant with Bun in the Oven and I love her reading of the degree to which no one wants to have the conversation with John about him scaling back his "dangerous proclivities" or discuss Finch's sexual prowess and out of context it would be kinda weird but with the buildup it works because the weird has been creeping up on them and they didn't realize it until now and you're in the same boat and I just :DDD

Ring read by lunate8, from a story written by speranza (16min)
This is a very different story than the previous bunch - it's more in keeping with the tone of the show, and lunate8's reading is appropriate to the setting. This sounds odd to say (to write?) but I buy her readings of John and Harold in this story, though they didn't make sense to me when I read the written story. A large part of both the mythos of the show and of this story revolves around John and Harold each not knowing or quite understanding what the other is up to, and there's one part specifically of the story that's told from John's point of view where John knows what's happening and is keeping it from Harold and from the reader, and as written that frustrated me to no end. Lunate8's reading, though, has an immediacy and a sort of urgent-first-person-self-absorption-(despite-being-told-in-the-third-person) such that I understood why it made sense that John was so caught up in the moment that he didn't need to explain to himself (and therefore the reader) what was going on. Her use of sound effects is sparse but very effective, and it feeds right back into that nearly-first-person-pov thing that is just so cool to listen to :D

Self-Defense (and Detritus and the Silenus Club) read by podcath (35min)
This podfic I can see being an episode of the show, and while part of that is podcath's brilliant choice of story, I think most of it is her reading. Something about her pacing is very visual, if that makes sense; she takes her time with each word and phrase, and sometimes lingers a bit on descriptors when it makes sense to in the story, and I'm not explaining this well so we'll go with the example of a such that a sex scene that I read as happening fairly quickly in her reading is spun out so that both the pov character and I were focusing on tiny little details of skin and sound and suction and sibilance and there's another bit farther on when Harold is discovering details and putting together a picture of what John's doing and the way podcath takes you through it you're with him every step of the way because he's taking in every detail and the reading is so rich that you almost don't want the story to keep moving because you're sure there are all these bits that you're not getting because there's just so much there and it's just all really, really lovely and really, really well done and I love every bit of everything in it (I also rec the other two podfics she's done in this fandom, Detritus and the Silenus Club)

Flock Together (read by greeniron) (from a story written by galaxysoup) (9:30min)
We've come nearly full circle, from crack to not-too-serious-an-episode-like to serious-episode to not-quite-crack, because Bear has found a cat version of Harold and has brought it home and it is the cutest thing and yet quite believable because, after all, Harold canonically once panicked and stole a baby. This is a cute little bit of fluff that doesn't seem like it should make sense, but actually it kinda really does, and greeniron's reading brings out all the little bits of Finch's horror that Bear found him a kitten and John's dismay at being left with a class of preschoolers and Carter's disbelief that this is her life and then she reads a line about how John's efforts at aiding the preschoolers with their fingerpainting had gone terribly awry and it's just adorable :D

Jeeves and Wooster

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