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Fandom: Due South
Characters/Pairing: RayK/Fraser
Rating: mature
Content Notes: none
Length: 43:02
Performer Links: zabira
Author: cesperanza
Summary: I am not the only person here who wants a do-over.

Reccer Notes: The way Zabira voices poor, beleaguered Ray is simply adorable – it's like listening to a naturalist talk about the Ways of the Mysterious and Elusive Fraser, and it never fails to make me smile. Zabira communicates Ray's humor, amusement, frustration and Voice of Judgment delightfully, and it fits really well with the first-person pov and present tense of the writing. One of my favorite moments is the way Zabira reads the line “oh god, he's sucking my bracelet” (it's a sex scene, run with it!) and Ray sounds so turned on and confused and so incredibly willing to go with wherever Fraser wants to take the bracelet sucking and it's just so very well done <3

Fanwork Link(s): on zabira's LJ on the audioarchive
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