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Title: Important Angel Business
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] entangled_now
Readers: [personal profile] kdheart and [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: teen and up
Summary: Sam has no idea how Gabriel got his number.
Warnings: none
text at AO3

KDheart as Sam and kalakirya as Gabriel download (22:02)

Kalakirya as Sam and KDheart as Gabriel download (21:33)

OK, so KDheart and I have both recorded this story before; my version is here, and KDheart's version (a co-pod with sarshi) is here. But we were talking about repods/multipods, and how different podficcers reading the same story can produce different podfics, and how much fun it is to record a multivoiced podfic with someone in the same (metaphorical) space, and how this story is great and there can never be too many versions (majoline and tenoko1 have also podficced this story), and we decided to record it twice, switching off voices, to show how different (and similar, in some ways!) different recordings can be. Each of us edited the version in which we have Sam's voice, and we made different decisions about how breaths to leave in/take out, how much space to leave for the breaks, which takes to use, and so on. It was a fun excercise, and we hope that it's fun and interesting to listen to!