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I should be working but instead I'm writing up a breakdown of 2018's podfic, which is.... very me XD Well, I made WAY MORE podfic in 2018 than in 2017, though, as I said in last year's post, that masks the fact that I started working on Changes of Perspective, a >9 hour Rivers of London (Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale) podfic, in 2017, and only finished in 2018. In numbers, I produced 12 hours, 08 minutes and 34 seconds of finished podfic (well, no, I made more than that, but we're only looking at podfic that were not collaborations, gifts, exchanges, or auction-items, the reasoning being that this is actually a question of how I spend my fannish energies, and in all those instances I don't have as much control over my own output). That's triple what I produced last year, but less than half of the year before that, so *shrug emoji*

(podfic length/count vs fandom graph - graph shows one supernatural podfic that's 3 minutes 30 seconds long, two black panther podfics that are a combined 1 hour 16 minutes long, two dragon age inquisition podfics that are a combined 1 hour 18 minutes long, one rivers of london podfic that's 9 hours 8 minutes long, and one lost girl podfic that's 11 minutes long)

so there's this, which mostly shows that Changes of Perspective ate my life. I do love making long podfics :D what this doesn't show is that one of those dragon age inquisition podfics is from April, before I had any interest in actually playing DA:I, and the other is from December, after I had logged over 100 hours of playtime and fallen in love with everyone. But the latter would not have happened without the former :D Next up, categories!

(podfic length/count vs category graph - graph shows two gen podfics that are a combined 1 hour 6 minutes long, 3 m/m podfics that are a combined 10 hours 34 minutes long, and 2 podfics that are a combined 27 minutes 36 seconds long)

well, I had made a resolution last year to podfic more femslash as compared to dudeslash, and I didn't /o\ in fact, I almost finished the year without posting any femslash at all, but happily was able to fix that. Buuuuuuuuuuuut my femslash amounted to 4.3% of my dudeslash, so I missed that resolution. I also missed the resolution where dudeslash wouldn't make up more than 50% of my total output. Ugh. I'll try again next year.

(podfic length/count vs race of the main character graph - graph shows that I made 2 podfics focusing on white characters with a combined length of 15 minutes, 1 podfic focusing on a multi-racial character that was 9 hours 17 minutes long, 2 podfics focusing on black characters with a for a combined 1 hour 16 minutes, and 2 podfics focusing on a non-white character in a fantasy setting)

To reiterate how this section is done, because it's less obvious than the others: podfics are split up depending on the racial background of the main character, where main character is defined as "who is the story about/who gets the most screentime." This is done by the super-scientific "who do I remember this story being about" test.

Also, it's obviously very tricky to define the race and ethnicity of fictional characters, some of whom are never physically described (see: Juno, from the penumbra podcast), or who may exist in a setting to which real-life categories don't map easily (Dorian Pavus, you beautiful peacock). But these media do exist in our world, where we do have variously-defined concepts of race and ethnicity, so we're going with that.

Obviously there's a lot to be said about how American (and subsets thereof!) concepts of race and ethnicity are not universal, and that's very true, but this is ultimately to help me examine where I'm putting my fannish energies, and I am American, so I'm afraid that I'm going to go with my gut :/

So! My other resolution was to have podfics focusing on poc be more than 50% of my output, and I nailed that one! Obviously Changes of Perspective, which focuses on Peter Grant, whose father is White British and whose mother is Fula and originally from Sierra Leone. I also had a podfic about Erik Killmonger (The Wandering God, Erik/Heimdall) and another that was about both M'Baku and T'Challa (A Rare Bloom, M’Baku/T’challa). Finally, I had two that focused on Dorian Pavus, from the fantasy land of Thedas, about whose real-life equivalent race/ethnicity much digital ink has been spilt. The game creators* meant him to be Indian, and cast a British Indo-Fijian and Malaysian voice actor (Ramon Tikaram) to play him, so I’m comfy coming down on the side of “fantasy!southeast asian.”

So! A good amount of success on the podficcing-non-white-characters front, very little success on the podficcing-non-dudeslash front. Will try to keep one success going and make the other one happen, and I'm happy to say that I'm currently queued up for both, though I am a bit worried that the second of my big projects won't be done this year, which would put the non-dudeslash part in jeopardy. But, all I can do is try, so wish me luck!

* sources were lost when the bioware forums were taken down, but several are saved here:


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Well, 2017's stats were different in all sorts of ways, much of which is down to the simple fact that I didn't make very much podfic last year. In 2015 I made about 38 hours of podfic, in 2016 I made about 28 hours, and in 2017 I made... about 3 hours of non-collaborative podfic. Which is a bit misleading, because I'm working on a long podfic that I just haven't posted, buuuuuut mostly not misleading, because that's a big change. What can I say, it was a really busy year!
The other reason these stats are different is because I somehow managed to make one podfic for every single category I usually do - so the count is nearly always 1. Go figure. On to the numbers!

 Yup. Seems about right. Not much to say here. Moving on to the pairings!

No femslash at all this year >.< I can't say I'm thrilled by that. Last year I tried to improve my ratio of dudeslash-to-ladyslash, and that is not a thing that I managed this year. On the other hand, last year I set myself the goal of not letting dudeslash be more than 50% of my output, and I did manage that!

Last up, racial breakdown! As before, caveats apply as to the labels here - they're not great, and reflect a very narrow slice of very complicated issues. The "white" column is for a Teen Wolf fic that focuses on Erica and a hockey rpf fic that isn't sure if it focuses on Sid or Ovi, but since they both white, it's a moot point. The "undefined" is also for two podfics, one of which stars Breq of the Imperial Radch series, who is, to the best of my recollection, not physically described much in the first-person-narrated series. The other podfic in that category stars Juno Steel, who similarly narrates their sci-fi-noir podcast in the first person and is similarly little-described. The "multiracial" category is for just one podfic: Three-Point Turn, which stars Ramsey from the Fast and the Furious series. The character doesn't identify herself particularly, being busy hacking into things and driving cars that go very very fast, but the actor, Natalie Emmanuel, is herself multiracial.
My other goal for this year's podfic was to have no less than 50% of my output focus on characters of color, and, well, I didn't manage it, quite, because my original wording was deliberately specific. If I'd set myself the goal of less than 50% of my podfic would be about white characters, then I'd have managed, by about 1 minute and 10 seconds. But I had racially-undefined characters last year, so I worded my challenge carefully, and then didn't measure up. Damn. 

But on the plus side, Black Panther, The Last Jedi, and a Wrinkle in Time (film) are all out this year, and by god if I have to light a fire under fandom's backside to get some fic about Okoye, you better believe I will. So, goals for this year, same as last year: no more than 50% dudeslash, and more than 50% focusing on characters of color. 
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k, so here are my stats for 2016. As before, these are the podfics that I published during 2016, not counting co-pods, and only counting chapters 4-6 of And Never Been Kissed (ANBK), because I was posting that one as I went, and counted chapters 1-3 in 2015’s stats. A note: last year I was super careful and made sure that all the graphs used the exact same pixel scale; this year I used the same axes on (nearly) all the graphs, and they’re more or less to the same pixel-scale… but not exactly. And they can’t be clearly compared across years, because I did the intervals differently. They are comparable! But be careful with the axes.

The first that sticks out is I made roughly ten hours less podfic in 2016 than I did in 2015. This is due to a number of factors, and while they’re possibly not as great for listeners, they’re good news for me: I podfic partly to deal with stress, and in 2016 I wayyyyyy less stressed than in 2015. 2016 was terrible in many many ways, but for my personal life it was pretty great. So that’s good! But means less podfic. Roughly 10 hours less.

Critical Role, Mad Max: Fury Road (MMFR), Rivers of London, Sailor Moon (SM) and Star Wars: the Force Awakens (SWFA) are fandoms I hadn’t publicly posted podfic in before, and I didn’t work on several long-term loves, including the Fast and the Furious, the Vorkosigan series, Person of Interest, Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Young Wizards, the Hobbit, and Supernatural. I still participate in all those fandoms! And to be honest I hadn’t fully realized that, for instance, I didn’t make any Supernatural podfic this year O.o

Category-wise, I made quite a lot of dude slash – over half my output, in fact, was m/m (52%). That’s actually up slightly from last year (50%) and way up from 2014 (35%). The vast majority of that is ANBK. Next up is gen (nearly 5 hours, most of which is Exclusive), then het (entirely Come Away to the Water), femslash (mostly Velvet), and poly (all Poe/Finn/Rey). While I was kinda disappointed to see quite so much dude slash, I was glad that 10% was femslash! Still low, but way better than 2015 (5%) or 2014 (2%).

In the racial/ethnic analysis… well, less than three-quarters of my output was about white people! 74%, to be exact. Which is less than last year (96%) or 2014 (90%*)! But still very high. But lower! 16% of my output starred black characters – again, mostly Come Away to the Water, which stars Naevia, played by the amazing African-American Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Next up was Asian characters with 7% - mostly Velvet, a Sailor Moon pre-canon story. The remaining 1% was for latin@ characters (hi Poe!) and <1% for characters whose background is undefined (but non-white): Kima of Vord, my darling angry Paladin of Bahamut, who lives in an undefined D&D universe and is described as “brown/dark-skinned” and is played by a white dude. #CriticalRole.

So, I met my goal from last year’s snowflake challenge! My goal was to make 2016’s ratio of dudeslash-to-ladyslash 1:10, and it was actually 1:5! Go me! (last year was 1:100, and 2014 was worse than 1:200).

This year, I will aim to continue to improve that ratio. But, with a recognition of the fact that podfic, as a medium, is subject, more than many other types of fanworks, to the limitations of fandom, rather than only those of the media content (I feel like I should add several more embedded clauses, just for the hell of, but I won’t – much), and also because I’m trying to aim for a more intersectional fannish experience, my goals for 2017 are:
Dude-slash will make up no more than 50% of my output, and 50% of my output will focus on characters of colors.

*this was several years ago now. I wrote this up at work and wasn’t going to go back and check what, exactly, I podficced. I did this from memory, and as such, it’s inexact /o\
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This post came out of a number of things, most notably the discussion around race in fandom this year. There's been a lot of meta on it, some of which I agree with, and some of which makes flames appear on the sides of my face. I don't want to get into the discussion: I like keeping my fannish activities non-rage-inducing. 

That said, a lot of what people were saying resonated. The ships and characters that fandom fixates on do tend to be very white. They also tend to be very male, and very m/m slash oriented. Which is not a thing I'm happy with.

In January I did an analysis of the shipping breakdowns of the podfic I'd produced the previous year, and the results were very disappointing: while I'd thought that I was doing a decent job of podficcing women and non-m/m stories, that wasn't borne out in the stats. I resolved to podfic more non-cis-male-centric stories, and so far I think I'm doing a decent job (that said, I haven't run the numbers yet, and I'd thought I was doing alright before!).

In January I didn't do a racial breakdown, though. Partly for time, partly because it's more complicated (more categories!), and partly because I had a pretty good idea I wouldn't be happy with the results. But that's a really, really terrible reason. So I did it anyway.

In order to get my numbers, I looked at the same set of podfics that I used for 2015's shipping and gender breakdown: all the completed podfics I posted in that year that I made solo. ("Completed" means that I left out "and never been kissed", which is a 160K white/white m/m slash story that I'm nearly done with which is going to kill my stats for this year.) I only counted the main characters (here defined as "when I think of the podfic who do I remember it being about") and used the canonical (or, lacking that, fannish) racial background of the characters (I had always thought that Nita and Dairine Callahan were Hispanic but apparently that is not canonically correct, so here they're counted as white). That produced this bar chart:

aaaaaaaand the main take away is damn that's very white. That is not what I wanted to be doing. That is just over 95% of my output. 

Another note on this chart: I've used American classifications of race and racial backgrounds. I'm American, and this is about my podfic, and my relationship to my podfic. If I were doing this a bit more scientifically, I would do it differently. But I'm not, and can only speak to my own perspective of my work. Also, I've been lead to understand that "latin@" is [one of the] preferred terminologies/spellings for the background of the characters in question - Mia Toretto and Letty Ortiz from the Fast and the Furious series - but I'm continuing to refine my understanding of who prefers what terms. 

For the purposes of curiosity, I broke it down by gender identity again. 

Soooooo when I do make podfic about non-white characters, it's almost invariably women. Which, while I'm not upset to have podficced more women than men, I don't like that all those columns are empty.

I'm not getting involved in the fannish discussions on race and society and social justice. I have my own, very strong, feelings on that, but I don't want to talk about them. I do want to spend more of my time creating fanworks that prioritize non-cis-male characters of color. 

I do want to add the tiny, tiny caveat that podfic, as a medium, is more limited than fanfic or fanart or many other fannish works. While we can create original fannish works, and I have, for the most part, we transform fanfiction, and therefore we are limited to the fanfiction that others choose to make. (Not!pods - "original fannish work" - weren't included in either of these breakdowns. I'm sorry to say that they mostly would have made my numbers worse anyway.) That's an explanation, but it is most certainly not an excuse. This year I've been more dedicatedly looking for stories to podfic that center non-white-cis-male characters, and while I've been a bit depressed by the results, I've also found some wonderful, lovely stories in fandoms I don't spend a lot of time in, about characters that I love but hadn't focused on as much. I'm not "eating my vegetables," I'm finding that an all-meat-and-potato diet was boring and not nutritious, while beets and brussel sprouts and beans and yams are fun and interesting and absolutely delicious. 
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I did a quick-and-dirty analysis of my 2015 podfic output, and realized that while I'd done one in 2013, 2014 was lacking. And I was curious. So here it is! My total was 33 podfics over 25 fandom which came to 38 hours 44 minutes and 11 seconds of podfic. Or so. I was really tired when I pulled these numbers together, and have since noticed that the by-fandom and by-category numbers don't match. But I'm not going to worry about that. The other possibility is that I made 31 podfics totalling 38:12:48. Close enough.

Again, these are just the podfics that I did alone. There were a whole bunch of co-pods and not!podfics, but that gets confusing, so they don't appear here).

Here's the podfic-by-fandom breakdown for 2014

The time is measured in 72 minute units, because that was what it did automatically and this is supposed to be a quick-and-dirty thing and figuring out how to change that doesn't fit with quick-and-dirty. The fact that the colors are reversed from the 2015 version is unintentional, but I decided it was cute. Otherwise it's the same set-up: length of all podfics in that fandom put end-to-end is in the orange columns, measured on the left (the gridlines line up with this axis), and the number of podfics made in the fandom is the blue dots, measured on the right. A few things pop out: I did a whole bunch of one-off podfics, one super-long hobbit podfic (Sons of Durin), a bunch of merlin podfics (which is interesting, because I don't remember having done that many!), and I guess those Fast and Furious podfics really added up!

Here's that information as a table

fandom 19th century civic allegory AtlA DCU DrWho ds9 F&F ff7 GotG hobbit hockey HP labyrinth leverage MCU merlin pacific rim PoI she ra sleepy hollow spartacus spn W13 west wing xena xmen
count 1 2 1 2 2 7 1 4 1 1 1 3 7 5 8 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 2 1 1
time 0:04:18 0:03:36 0:07:01 0:05:28 0:04:04 1:34:35 2:00:47 1:32:04 10:52:43 0:19:02 0:03:10 0:24:38 0:55:42 6:56:35 3:38:14 0:22:56 0:06:09 0:06:39 0:29:34 0:30:23 7:29:32 0:12:42 0:30:44 0:08:09 0:05:26

Now here's the category breakdown

Wow that's... not a lot of femslash. And quite a lot of gen! More gen than dudeslash, as a matter of fact, though only by 15 minutes and 11 seconds. The poly, incidentally, is a combination of Guardians of the Galaxy (MFMMG, where G is for Groot), Final Fantasy VII (MFMM), leverage (MMF) and MCU (ninesome! MFMFMMFMM). In 2015 I apparently didn't podfic anything with more-than-two romantic parings. Otoh, the first one I did in 2016 was Rey/Finn/Poe (which was a co-pod, so it won't appear in the 2016 analysis, but it's kinda cool anyway).

Here's the same information in a table

gen ff mf mm poly
17 6 5 21 12
13:59:54 0:36:36 1:32:59 13:44:43 8:18:36

One of the things that really pops out at me, in both the 2015 and 2014 analyses, is that I really don't do that much femslash. Which is kinda upsetting, because that's one of the things that I really try to make an effort to do. In 2014 I made 36 minutes of femslash in 5 podfics. In 2015 I made 11 minutes in 6 podfics. Whiiiiich is actually a kinda misleading comparison, because in 2014 I made 8 more hours of podfic overall. It makes more sense to say that in 2014, 0.16% of my podfic was femslash while in 2015, 0.62% of my podfic was femslash. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I didn't do that math wrong. That's less than one percent. (though actually in 2015 it works out so that my femslash output is just over 1% of my dudeslash output. It's 1.0085%, to be precise). I feel a little bet better when I'm reminded that of the 17 gen podfics in 2014, 13 focused on female or genderqueer characters (it was 10/19 in 2015), but that's still a very very far cry from doing more non-dude-slash, which is a thing I would like to do.

Also, to be honest, I sorta massaged the data? a bit? not really? ish? That nearly 11 hour hobbit podfic is, in my opinion, gen, and in my data it's listed as gen. But on Ao3 it's listed as Thorin/Bilbo. Which... eh... idk. They do kiss, but it's literally in the last line of the nearly 11 hours. And if it's a slow burn, it's so slow as to be entirely unnoticeable. But. I wanted the thorin/bilbo crowd to find it. So it's tagged. And if it's in the dudeslash category, my numbers get very very sad. So it's gen. but with an asterisk of Were I Some Sort of Official Something This Sort Of Thing Would Be Frowned Upon, But I'm Not, So Fuck It.

I need to be making more femslash, is the takeaway here. Bring on the Xena! (NO REALLY. GIMME ALL THE RECS. I"VE BEEN HAVING A HANKERING FOR SOME OLD SKOOL XENA/GABRIELLE)
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I'm bored, and decided to do some quick analysis of the podfic I made in 2015.

This is just the podfic that only features my voice; I took part in several multi-voiced podfics and not!podfics. This post is mostly to reflect on where I chose to spend my resources this year, though, and as I didn't direct any of those podfics, or edit them, and several of them are reflective less of my preferences in fandom than of my preferences in friends (<3), they're omitted from this data.

First, and not super-usefully, here's my podfics by fandom

the blue columns are total minutes of podfic produced per fandom (measured on the left axis), the orange dots are the number of podfics produced per fandom (measured on the right axis). A few things really jump out: I made a lot of very short Avatar: the Last Airbender podfics, and a single but very long, podfic for the Hobbit (Children of the Lonely Mountain). I made several hockey RPF podfics, and together they're barely longer than CotLM (this is counting my WIP podfic of And Never Been Kissed though!). Person of Interest and the Vorkosigan saga get a paired category because I did a pair of podfics, a story and the sequel, that are a PoI/Vor fusion. the Vorkosigan saga then gets another column all on its lonesome for the ITPE podfic I made.

Here's that set of data as a table

fandom breakown ATLA hobbit hockey MCU OuaT PoI/Vor spartacus SPN star trek reboot WC YW sleepy hollow F&F Vor she-ra
total minutes 0.103389 8.037278 8.309639 5.124222 0.098778 2.071361 0.050639 5.031972 0.041444 0.010722 0.011028 0.007583 0.002056 1.001056 0.02425
podfic count 11 1 7 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1

Here's the same set of podfics, this time broken down by category

Aaaaand what this mostly shows is that even though I thought I was trying to podfic more femslash, I... didn't do much. My count wasn't bad! But the sheer amount of dudeslash is 62 times greater than that of femslash. Which. Um. I clearly something I need to work on. Because I want to spend more time with the women of my fandoms, and their relationships with each other, both sexual and non-sexual, and it looks like I haven't been doing that, really. So, that's my thing to work on in 2016.
(Though I haven't run the numbers on previous years, I do think that I made more femslash podfics than last year! They were just very short. Which isn't a bad thing! But it still means that in terms of the raw amount of time that I spent working on those projects, it was way way way less than I spent working on dudeslash projects, or gen projects. Though more than het projects, interestingly)

That said, of the 17 gen podfics, 10 are very clearly focused on a woman, and the 2 mf podfics focus on the woman in the relationship. The others, for the most part, feature at least one woman as a primary character in the fanwork. On the other hand, those are nearly all shortish podfics.

Sidenote: wow, I had no idea I'd podficced that much gen O.O

That second set of data as a table:

category gen mm mf ff
total hours 11.24075 18.44942 0.049194 0.186056
podfic count 17 13 2 5

ETA: this comes to nearly 30 hours of podfic, in case you're wondering (or I forget)