Jan. 11th, 2016

kalakirya: (Default)
Day 11

In your own space, make a list of at least 3 things that you like about yourself. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

1. I like my contributions to fandom. I'm happy with the quality of my podfic, I'm happy with the other things I do, and I'm happy with the direction I'm going in (which is currently MOAR FEMSLASH)

2. I'm happy with the amount of selfcare I give myself. It's taken quite a few years to get to this point, and a lot of training myself and my brain and my body, but I'm happy with the balance we've worked out, which seems to be right for me right now.

3. I like that I've found good people to spend time with, whose ways of interacting with the things they like mesh with the ways I interact with the things I like. I'm not tagging anyone, because then I'd never stop, but if you're wondering if I'm thinking of you, then yes, I am <3 (no really, I am - I wouldn't have kept interacting with you otherwise! promise <3)